Our Story

What does the Battersea Floor Sanding Company in SW8 actually do? Well, it was about two decades ago that we first started out, providing a friendly and professional floor sanding service to households and small businesses in the Battersea area. Because of our obvious enthusiasm and real passion for wooden flooring of all shapes and sizes, word quickly spread that we knew what we were doing.



What we were determined to do from the very outset was to provide not only a thoroughly professional level of service, but also a completely tailored one. Every wooden floor is unique and has its own character and it takes real skill to truly bring out the best in every floor. At the Battersea Floor Sanding company we take real pride in taking the time and effort to find out exactly what our customers’ needs are, and offering the appropriate advice to help achieve their goals. Whether it’s a spacious ballroom or small parquet flooring in a hallway, a simple shine or a full restoration, we do the necessaries and you’re in charge at every step.



Customer care is what drives us to deliver our exemplary service and we ensure that this is the best to be had from the instant you make that call through to us to when we deliver your sparkling new floor and hand over the free cleaning kit. State-of-the-art equipment, decades of experience and customer service that is second to none have made us what we are today.



Our green credentials are also an important part of the package that keeps our customers coming back in Battersea Floor Sanding, SW11. We use no harmful chemicals whatsoever and our resins, seals and stains are derived from natural sources. Even replacement floorboards and tiles are sourced from sustainable forests wherever this is feasible.



​Our customers are most impressed with our obvious passion for the work. This isn’t just a job for us but a real mission. If you think this is just a sound bite take a look at our customer Testimonials to get a real sense of the care we take of our wood floor restoration and maintenance jobs in Battersea. Or contact us to arrange your free, no-obligation assessment today.

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